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❝The Gift of Chaitanya is elegant, illuminating and easy to understand. It is a beautiful presentation of the true essence of Gaudiya Vaishnava philosophy. It sprinkles dew drops of hope and yearning on the hearts of viewers, reassuring us that the gift of Braja Bhakti and Prema is ours for the taking, thanks to the mercy of Mahaprabhu and the acharyas in our line that are giving it freely to all. It left me convinced of their love and compassion for us all, and that the safety of our souls, especially in these troubled times, is guaranteed by accepting their loving embrace. Hare Krishna.❞

-Bhūdhara dāsa

❝Just outstanding! Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! I will be watching all of it again and again. I love that you’re teaching me something. It is made so clear. I loved the flow, the pace. A few times I rewound it and listened to something again. It is beautiful to look at.❞

-Rukmavatī dāsī /Rangadevi dasi (Australia)

❝I simply loved it.  For the hearing and visually challenged, which is truly me, I found the captions excellent, accurately paced and easy to read. I wore my Bluetooth  headphones and the sound was clean and clear so easy for me to understand.  Sometimes caption/ subtitles don't match the timing of the spoken words, but there was none of that. 

There was a freshness, a kinda vitality to the whole presentation that I found quite infectious. The film has been a wonderful achievement and offering to Srila Gurudeva.

Amateur filming devotees ki! Jay!❞

-Malati dasi (Murwillumbah, Australia)

❝I am in Miami and yesterday attended a Sunday program at Syamarani didi's place, which is a nice little temple called Gaudiya Vedanta Outreach.   There were about 30 guests, consisting of a range of old timers and people coming for the first time.  
After the lectures, she showed Part One of the documentary and it was a big hit.  People expressed appreciation according to their adhikara, but it had a universal appeal.  I thought that the script was well conceived and I liked that it deftly wove in the explanations of the other speakers.
I know that you all labored long and hard for this.  I think Srila Gurudeva is pleased by your efforts.❞

-Śrīpāda B. V. Vaikhanas Mahārāja

❝I am utterly stunned after watching the presentation of The Gift of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Who can remain a stone after watching that? My dandavat to all who dedicated their energy to making this beautiful presentation – all the clips, all the slokas were divine and moving. This presentation shows the power of Gaudiya Matha and the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, which is totally non-sectarian. It brings it all together. The pictures chosen were so beautifully presented. I feel as if I have been sitting with our entire Gaudiya family. 
When Srila Gurudeva was present or when any of these other great, great acaryas were present, throngs of people surrounded them and lived these teachings day and night. A presentation like this kind of immortalizes the importance of that and reminds us that this is what our life should be dedicated to. I’m going to be watching this again and again, by the way. It is a portal into the spiritual sphere. 
I was so happy to see everyone, and everyone who spoke spoke beautifully. Everything about it was explosive for me. May many more presentations like this come forth.❞

Das anudasi,

-Mādhavī deRooy

❝I am going to watch it 108 times. It is absolutely brilliant. It instilled more greed in me to hear more hari-katha and increased my appreciation for Srila Gurudeva’s vani more and more. It is not a new subject for me. It is a subject I have spent time on. But this was just mellifluous, harmony in my soul, a balm for my heart. It is extremely educational and deepening. The interviewees are fabulous. This is making a big impact on my spiritual life. It has taken my enthusiasm to another level. A magnificent contribution.❞

-Yaśodānanda dāsa (England)

❝A really brilliant effort. Beautiful. Wonderful. A clear, concise message about what Srila Gurudeva was giving. There have been many misconceptions in the past about Gurudeva being a prakrta-sahajiya and speaking high, high topics.  This goes a long way to eradicate those misconceptions. He actually emphasized going step-by-step, following the process. That was well presented in the video, which was so well put together.
I am sure devotees will appreciate it. Little Srivas chanting anyabhilasita sunyam was so cute!❞

-Caru-candrikā dāsī (England/Vrindavan)

❝Well, “Our cherished aspiration” was the best so far – the quotes in the beginning, Prabhupad and Param Gurudeva. 

Well presented clear and precise.  A real treat. The essence of Srila Gurudeva's mission is here. Clearly showing our path.❞

-Premananda dasa (Australia)

❝The Rays of Hope Everywhere section moved me at a different level...from Govardhan onwards. So beautiful and well done! I cried while watching it.❞

-Subhadra dasi (Sweden)

❝Thank you all! I truly feel what Yasodanandana prabhu said about this. We are gaining so much from this, learning so much. It’s seriously making a big impact on us, on our spiritual journey. 


❝I know nothing and I am nothing, but you people are helping us in a huge way through this. So thank you!!❞

-Bhakti Prajnan dasi (Noida)

❝It’s so well put together, and all the interviews and footage are so great. Love all the music!

I really think you succeeded. It all flows so well together, the feminine, masculine balance. You created a really faithful, honest, authentic and traditional offering.❞

-Keli-krsna dasa (Austin, Texas)

❝Wow! Very wonderful. So tastefully done--visually, sound, simple clear explanations.  Bravo bravo!!❞

-Vicitri dasi

❝It was so good to see a beautiful documentary on Srila Gurudeva and to see all of our dear brothers and sisters in Srila Gurudeva’s loving family. Everyone spoke so nicely. It is so beautiful that it even captured the attention of my two year old daughter! Such a good mix of hari-katha from Gurudeva, interviews, quotes and snippets. And then there were all the pictures and the music and the kirtanas and the parikrama pictures! It is just really, really well done. It really captures your attention and covers everything in a really succinct way. I just loved it.❞

-Candramukhi dasi (Murwillumbah, Australia)

❝I appreciate much the team's work. This film is such an immediate remedy especially at this time of demonic nature. It is such a divine series of documentary that how fortunate we are to get this transcendental knowledge. All Pure Vaisnavas in the line of Srila Rupa Gosvami are the embodiment of the Gift of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. 

Jaya! Jaya! Haribol! Haribol❞

-Tarulata dasi (Hong Kong)

❝I especially love how the verse from Utkalika-vallari was presented. So beautiful. One of my favorite parts. Beautiful images, beautiful footage, beautiful script!❞

-Manjari dasi

❝I had my doubts all along, lol, like how they gonna make a documentary? I couldn't conceive of it. But it's turned into something genuinely classy because it's got some artistic touches, but not too much. It's driven by siddhanta and Gurudeva's mood.❞

-Śrīvāsa dāsa (Canada/India)


❝We saw your beautiful film immediately and were overwhelmed by how professional, inspiring, and educational it is. We like that it is not sentimental but focuses on the teaching, reminding how much Gurudeva came to give us. Everything is so condensed and juicy; well done to everyone on the team!❞

-Śāradā dāsī and Kāliyā-dāmana dāsa


❝A real treat. Gurudeva would be pleased. Well done again to the team. The essence of Srila Gurudeva's mission is here. Clearly showing our path.❞

-Premānanda dāsa (Australia)


❝I seriously do not want these videos to quit. So wonderful!❞

-Kṛṣṇa-kāntā dāsī (Oregon)

❝Beautiful video prabhuji appreciating & explaining the dear relationship between our bonafide Guardians of Devotion / Guru Varga and their mission to spread the message of love of Godhead that benefits all living entities.

Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj did the initial heavy lifting through his books,prachar in the West and that also had the sweet Harikatha embedded,it's just that it was overlooked and the hardwork done in first cutting the dense forests of Mayavada, etc setting the stage for Srila Gurudeva (Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaj ) to provide more clarity on sweet eternal esoteric Truth.❞

– Rohit Rādhā-Kṛṣṇan dāsa (Bangalore)


❝How sensitive! How affectionate! How did you capture Srila Gurudev's heart like this! I was moved.❞

– Candraśekhara dāsa (Mayapur)


❝Again I cried a bunch!!! Such sweetness, beauty, tattva.... And it awakens my desire to take this gift as my heart and soul. Thank you.❞

– Premamayī dāsī (USA)

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